Once you have been attending for a while your coach may put you forward for our squad. This will make available to you a number of external competitions but also require commitment and hard work. Squad spaces are limited and gymnasts will be chosen not only based on their potential and ability but their work ethic and enthusiasm. Gymnasts on the squad program attend both regional and national level competitions throughout the year such as NDP's, Spring Series, English and League.


All squad members are required to have a club leotard, club t-shirt and club tracksuit top. Kit does not have to be worn for sessions although they will be expected to wear a leotard but not necessarily the club one. At external competitions all competitors should wear full kit including black tracksuit bottoms or leggings. Kit can be purchased through the club online shop or a limited supply on the second hand rail at club. 


  • Compete in the NDP and/or League competitions

  • Work as part of a team by supporting each other at all times.

  • Attend squad sessions – missing 3 squad sessions in a row without a valid reason will result in loss of squad place.

  • Be motivated by knowing routines and goals and working on other beds when not being coached.

  • Be punctual and complete the whole session.

  • Participate in warm up/cool down sessions and conditioning.

  • Wear Bolton TC leotard and T shirt at competitions.

  • Wear leotard for training (shorts may also be worn)

  • Not use mobile phones during training sessions unless agreed by the coach.

  • Take part in at least one other trampoline session in addition to the squad session.

  • Extenuating circumstances will be taken into account by the committee on an individual basis.

  • Officiate at competitions, a parent or representative will be required to do this if squad member is not old enough.