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Welcome back into the building parents and guardians!


Karen Mccurdy

Dear Members, Parents and Carers

I am writing with an update in regard to future changes in guidance from the Government and British Gymnastics.

Firstly, I would like to thank you for your patience and understanding over the past eighteen months. It has certainly been a rollercoaster of a ride, but we are hopeful that the relaxation of regulations will ensure a safe return to how things were before the pandemic. The committee have considered how these changes can be implemented and hope that the following information will explain our processes.

We know that you are all keen for spectators to be allowed into the building to see the amazing progress over the past few months. We are delighted to inform you that from Monday 16th August we will be able to welcome everyone back into the club. We ask that spectators remain in the conditioning room for the duration of the session, but there will be opportunities for you to be invited into the trampoline hall to watch a particular skill or routine during the sessions. We understand that the wearing of face coverings is not mandatory, but we ask that you consider the thoughts and feelings of others in making your decision regarding wearing one.

We understand that not everyone will want to stay as a spectator, and we are happy for you to leave your child under our supervision for their session.

We will continue to use our main entrance and ask that everyone washes their hands on arrival. We will be continuing to clean our facilities regularly and will maintain the restricted use of one trampoline per session. There will be a sanitising station in the spectator area which we request you use to spray and wipe down your chair and table before you leave the session. The side door will be used for everyone to leave the building.

British Gymnastics guidance now says that we can return to hand supporting and suggests that coaches wear a mask and use hand sanitiser. As a club, we will return to hand supporting from Monday 16th August. The coach will wear a mask and use hand sanitiser and only hand support where absolutely necessary.

We will continue to monitor the situation and make any changes necessary. We look forward to welcoming you all back to our club in August. As ever, if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards

Karen McCurdy
Chair of Bolton Trampoline Club

April Re-opening


Karen Mccurdy

Dear Members and Parents

I am delighted to be writing to inform you that we have had confirmation from British Gymnastics that we are able to re-open from Monday 12th April for members under 18 and those with a disability. Unfortunately, we are unable to re-start our adult sessions until May, but we will be making some adjustments for squad members to train independently. Kirsty will be in touch with individuals to arrange this.

Over the next couple of weeks, the committee and coaches will be reviewing our risk assessments and ensuring that everything is in place for a safe return. 

We will continue to have the same procedures of hand washing, sanitising and social distancing in place as before Christmas and will be constantly reassessing the measures in line with changes in government legislation and advice from British Gymnastics.

I look forward to welcoming parents and spectators back into the building later in the year, no doubt you will be keen to see the progress the bouncers have made. Our admin team will adjust individual direct debits to your usual monthly amount. These will recommence on the 20th April when fees for May will be debited from your account. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact or 

I would like to thank everyone for their support and patience during the past year. I am so proud of the members, parents, coaches and committee who have all contributed to ensure our club is in a strong position to move forward into the future.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me or Kirsty

January Re-opening


Karen Mccurdy

Dear Parents and Members

I hope that you have had an enjoyable Christmas and were able to spend some quality time with your families.

As you will be aware, on the 17th December the Department for Educations published information regarding a staggered return for secondary aged pupils, in a bid to minimise the spread of coronavirus (COVID19).

The guidance published indicates that children based at secondary schools and are not attending school in the first week of January, should not attend ‘out of school settings’.

After seeking confirmation from Sport England, British Gymnastics have been informed that gymnastics/trampoline clubs would be classed as an ‘out of school setting’. Therefore, pupils who are undergoing remote education during the first week of term in January should not attend their gymnastics/trampoline session. The reason for this is to ensure that the testing efforts being run in schools are effective, and to reduce the possibility of the virus being brought into schools when all students return.

Unfortunately, this means that although Bolton Trampoline Club will be open from 4th January 2021, we can only continue to offer coaching to children who are:

·        In primary schools
·        In early years setting
·        Home educated
·        In the secondary school-age cohorts eligible for full-time on-site provision in Years 11 and 13.
·        Have a disability as recognised by British Gymnastics

This will also apply to the holiday camps running from 28th-31st December 2020.

As it currently stands, restrictions will be lifted once the children are able to return to school full time on the 11th January 2021

As a club, we can only apologise for the further disappointment and disruption to sessions, but we must follow the guidance from the governing body of our sport.

We will continue to keep you updated with the ever-changing situation through emails, our social media and website.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Best wishes

Karen McCurdy

Lockdown 2.0 Re-opening


Karen Mccurdy

Dear Parents, Carers and Members

I am delighted to inform you that we have been given the go ahead from British Gymnastics to resume our sessions, starting on Wednesday 2nd December. I am sure that you are all as excited as our coaches to get back on the trampolines and continue from where we left off.

Unfortunately, as Bolton has been placed into Tier 3, we are only able to open to members under 18 and those with disabilities. BG class a disability as defined in the Equality Act 2010 "if you have a physical or mental impairment that has a ‘substantial’ and ‘long-term’ negative effect on your ability to do normal daily activities." If you are unsure if this applies to you please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Please can I ask parents to spend some time talking to your child before their session to reinforce the importance of washing/sanitising hands and maintaining social distancing. I appreciate that some children are at school all day with their friends and social distancing there may be more relaxed, but we must maintain it within the club to reduce the potential spread of germs and hopefully, remove the need to isolate whole classes and coaches.

Also, please remember that it is essential that members must not attend their session if they are unwell or if a member of their household has symptoms or has tested positive for COVID19.

On behalf of the club, I would like to thank you for your ongoing support during these uncertain times. It has been great to see so many of you joining our online sessions, even if we did have more for baking than conditioning!!! (I can’t think why??) Thank you to the coaches who were able to be unfuloughed for some of their regular hours to provide the sessions. I know that they were all very nervous, but I am sure you will agree, they all did a great job.

As always, we appreciate your feedback and would be interested to hear your thoughts regarding the online sessions that were provided. Please email: or with your comments.

Hopefully, we can now continue with our sessions until we close for Christmas on Sunday 20th December. We look forward to everyone returning in the New Year with sessions resuming on Monday 4th January 2021.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2021.

Kind regards

Mrs Karen McCurdy

Bolton Trampoline Club




Re-opening 18+


Kirsty Higson

Following the recent changes which came out yesterday, I have now read through all the new guidelines and spoken to BG. Over 18s are now allowed to train so long as they are on a piece of apparatus on their own and do not mix with anyone else in the session. This will result in the following changes to sessions: 

Rec/drop in sessions - we will still not be accepting any 018s on these sessions, any over 18s wanting to train should contact us individually to arrange 1:1s.

Advanced/squad sessions - we will be contacting you individually to arrange sessions compatible with the  new legislation. 

I have also now confirmed with BG that for the purposes of the restrictions you are only over 18 if you were 18 before the 31st August 2020. Under 18s and disabilities who are over 18 can join in sessions as normal.


If anyone is confused at all please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Thank you for your patience with this and I look forward to seeing you all back this week. 

Kind Regards

Kirsty Higson 

Director and Head Coach 

Bolton Trampoline Club Ltd.

Temporary Closure for Lockdown 2.0


Karen Mccurdy

Dear Members, Parents and Carers

It is with a very heavy heart that I write to inform you that, in line with guidance from the Government and British Gymnastics, we must temporarily close Bolton Trampoline Club from 9:00pm on Wednesday 4th November.

Everyone from the club is devastated to be having to close again after a fantastic two months back open. It has been great to have everyone back enjoying bouncing and having a reminder of what life was like before COVID19.

We were overwhelmed by the fantastic support the club received during the long summer lockdown and have taken on board feedback from members and their families. The committee and coaches have been able to put together a programme of online events to help maintain strength and conditioning alongside some contact with other members of the club.

We have put together a safeguarding plan and risk assessment to enable us to offer secure Zoom sessions each evening (Monday to Friday) from 5pm for approximately 45 minutes. These will be led by our coaches and will include a wide range of activities including conditioning, flexibility, judging, and even a family quiz! We are planning our first session to be Monday 9th November. More information will follow once our plans have been finalised.

Below there is an outline of our plans which include some important information.

Please ensure you have read the whole email to enable you to understand how this will affect you.


Your next direct debit payment is due to leave your account on the 20th November. We appreciate that everyone is in a different financial situation and would like to offer the following three options.

Option 1 - Suspend your direct debit payment due to be taken on 20th November.

Option 2 - Leave your direct debit payment as it stands, payments will be considered a donation to the club.

Option 3 - Reduce the amount of the direct debit payment for 20th November to £21, the equivalent price of one recreational session a week.

If you decide to select option 2 or 3, you will be invited to join the Zoom sessions led by the coaches. Emails with further details and secure log on information will be sent out to those participating.


With your permission, our administrator is able to suspend or alter your direct debit mandate. If direct debits are cancelled, this means we have to set up the whole process again once we return to our usual sessions. Having almost 400 hundred members, we are sure you appreciate the work and time that this would involve.


Once you have made your decision, please email or

In this email we ask that you make clear which option you have selected, the name of the member and the day and time of the session(s) they attend.

In order to make changes and organise the online sessions, we would like you to email your decision by Saturday 7th November.

As with the lockdown earlier in the year, all places will be held for members on their current classes, which ever option you choose.

Please continue to check your emails and our social media for updates in the coming weeks. We are hoping that we will be able to re-open at the beginning of December with our risk assessment and procedures in place. In the meantime, we would like to thank you for your continued support of our club.

If you have any questions, please to do not hesitate to contact myself or the club.

With our best wishes that you all keep safe and well,

Karen McCurdy




Bolton Trampoline Club

COVID-19-Reopening Procedures


Welcome back!!!!!


We are pleased to announce that the 1st September is our confirmed reopening day!

Please esnure you watch the re-induction video with your children before your first session back in order to familiarise yourself with the new session procedures. Click the link below to watch the video!

COVID-19 Reopening procedures Video

COVID-19 UPDATE- Reopening


Karen Mccurdy

Dear Members and Parents

Following the most recent meeting of our committee I am writing to inform you that we have decided to reopen Bolton Trampoline Club for all members from Tuesday 1st September 2020.

Whilst we are delighted that we will all be returning to bouncing, we still have to ensure that we comply with and continue to follow the latest Government guidelines. A risk assessment has been completed and approved by members of our committee and British Gymnastics. This will be available on our website soon and we require all members and parents to have read the document.

Over the next few weeks, we will put together a child friendly document regarding the changes to routines and procedures to help our younger members understand how we intend to keep them, our coaches and other members as safe as possible. We will also be putting together a video to show what some of these changes will look like to help prepare everyone for their return.

Classes will run to the same time frames as previously and there will be a new entrance for all members to use. Unfortunately, at the moment, we are unable to allow parents/relatives into the building to stay to watch the sessions. We ask that you drop off and collect your child at the appropriate times and places. More details on this will follow.



Karen Mccurdy

Dear Parents and Members

You will have seen that the government have announced a further reduction in lock down restrictions. From the 25th July, this includes the reopening of gyms which includes our club facility. We are delighted by the announcement and are very excited at the prospect of returning to training, which I am sure is shared by all of you. 

In order to reopen, we need to put in place some changes to ensure that we can offer the safest possible environment for everyone to be able to return and to be able to maintain the standards set out in the latest government guidance. A risk assessment has been completed and we are in the process of completing some internal changes to the club, including additional toilets and hand washing facilities, hand sanitiser stations, increased cleaning rotas and the introduction of a new entrance and reception area.

We are currently working alongside our independent health and  safety advisers who are due to make a site visit in the near future to ensure that we are compliant with the latest advice. Once this is complete, they will issue us with a certificate to endorse the safety measures we have put in place.

As yet, we don't have a definite re-opening date, but we are planning for that to be as soon as we are confident that we can offer lessons in an environment which is as safe as possible. Once we have a definite date we will inform you all via email and social media. We will also share our risk assessments and revised  procedures to ensure you are fully informed.

Chloe is in the process of making the vouchers for the people who made a payment in April, once we reopen, these can be used for holiday camps, one to one sessions or money off your monthly payments. I would again like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support of our club and I look forward to writing to you all again soon with a date to return to training. 

In the meantime, keep safe and start to build up your strength and conditioning through joining our outdoor sessions, Abi's Facebook group or in any other way possible.

Take care



July 2020

Chloe Lang

Please have a look though all of our policies and procedures. These help us to keep our club a safe place for all participants. Please pay particular attention to our covid-19 risk assessments. 



Karen Mccurdy

Dear Members and Parents

I hope that this email finds you and your families well and keeping safe.

On behalf of everyone at Bolton Trampoline Club, I would like to thank you for your continued support. We have had so many positive and appreciative messages from our members, it is lovely to know how much you think of our club.

Our COVID-19 strategy group and committee are in regular contact and have been planning as best we can for the future. Things are still very unknown, but I wanted to update you all on where we are up to.

Firstly our coaches. We have had to furlough all our coaches and are hopeful that the funding for 80% of their salaries will be in our account for the end of the month. Some of our coaches have volunteered to contribute to our website and social media platforms, which we are very grateful of.

We have also been successful in applying for a small business grant from the Local Authority. As we hold Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) status we qualify for business rates exemption which aided our application. This money has been received and is in our account.

A big thank you goes to those of you who have been able to continue paying your fees, we are extremely grateful. We have held the fees paid in March to be used as the first months payment in advance whenever we return.  As a way to say thank you, the committee have decided that we will issue vouchers based on the amounts paid in April. These vouchers can be exchanged for days at our holiday clubs, one to one sessions, extra competition practices or used as a short payment holiday. The vouchers will be valid for 12 months from the date we reopen.

Moving forward, the LA grant, furlough money and monthly fees have certainly helped to stabilise our finances for the immediate future, but, like everyone, we are unsure how long this will continue for and how long our money will last. We also are very aware of the reduced incomes for many of our families and the need to reevaluate outgoings. The committee appreciate that everyone has different circumstances and that decisions regarding continued payments need to be made by individual families but we would like to suggest the following options:

1. Continue to pay monthly subscriptions as a donation towards the continuation of the club.

2. Make a reduced affordable monthly donation towards the continuation of the club.

3. Suspend your monthly direct debit.

These options will continue to be available for the foreseeable future and can be amended, with advanced notice, each month. Please note, we will be unable to give refunds after payments have been processed. Whichever option you choose, all members will be contacted when we are ready to re-open to be offered sessions.

If you do decide to reduce or suspend your direct debit, please contact  who will be able to make the changes to our banking details removing the need for you to set up a new direct debit when sessions resume. We will not cancel any payments unless instructed to. 

Again, we do not know the procedures for re-opening, this could be on reduced numbers per session depending on government advice. We will inform all members once a plan has been put together. In the meantime, if you have any ideas or suggestions about how we might structure our return we would be interested to hear them. Please email me on and I will take them to the committee for consideration.

In the meantime, please continue to check our new look website for up to date information and activity packs alongside our social media platforms.

I am sure that you will all continue to support us at Bolton TC in whatever way you can to ensure we have a club to return to, whenever that may be. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Please take care of yourselves and your families.

Kind regards




Becky Coleman

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Karen Mccurdy

Dear Parents and Members,

It is with great sadness that I write to inform you of the decision to temporarily close Bolton Trampoline Club for the foreseeable future. Given the most recent Government health advice, the committee feel they have been left with no other option in order to ensure the welfare of our staff and members. Our last sessions will be on Friday 20th March 2020.

We are sure you will understand that this is a very difficult time for the club. It is run as a not-for-profit entity, and as such does not have sufficient cash reserves to sustain its committed outgoings for very long. The committee are therefore currently investigating a variety of options to try and prevent the club from having to close its doors permanently.

We would like to ask for your support in helping us maintain financial viability. We appreciate that we are all facing financial pressures, but if you are able to continue paying your direct debit this would significantly help the club and should enable it to re-open as soon as we are allowed. In return, we are looking at initiatives to support our members, both during any period of closure and once we re-open. For example, once we re-opened we could provide extra sessions which you could attend for no additional charge. In the meantime, coaches will be putting together strength and conditioning exercise videos for members to complete at home. Once these are up and running, we will contact members via email or through our social media. We do have the facility to make donations through our website as we will require as much financial support as possible. If you are considering stopping your direct debit, please contact us at the club or

We will continue to communicate regularly with you on our website and social media platforms. We would love to see photos and comments about what people are up to at home. Our coaches will be available to offer advice and will do everything they can to maintain the excellent relationships they have built up with members and their families.

On behalf of everyone, I would like to thank you all for your amazing support for our club, which means so much to so many. Over the past 18 months we have seen Bolton TC grow from strength to strength, with our committee, parents and coaches working hard to create a fantastic facility which is enjoyed by over 400 members. We will endeavour to ensure our club survives this period of uncertainly and we look forward to welcoming you back as soon as is possible.If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me

With kind regards
Karen McCurdy

Chair of Bolton Trampoline Club.