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Bolton Trampoline Club

Dear Parents and Members,

It is with great sadness that I write to inform you of the decision to temporarily close Bolton Trampoline Club for the foreseeable future. Given the most recent Government health advice, the committee feel they have been left with no other option in order to ensure the welfare of our staff and members. Our last sessions will be on Friday 20th March 2020.

We are sure you will understand that this is a very difficult time for the club. It is run as a not-for-profit entity, and as such does not have sufficient cash reserves to sustain its committed outgoings for very long. The committee are therefore currently investigating a variety of options to try and prevent the club from having to close its doors permanently.

We would like to ask for your support in helping us maintain financial viability. We appreciate that we are all facing financial pressures, but if you are able to continue paying your direct debit this would significantly help the club and should enable it to re-open as soon as we are allowed. In return, we are looking at initiatives to support our members, both during any period of closure and once we re-open. For example, once we re-opened we could provide extra sessions which you could attend for no additional charge. In the meantime, coaches will be putting together strength and conditioning exercise videos for members to complete at home. Once these are up and running, we will contact members via email or through our social media. We do have the facility to make donations through our website as we will require as much financial support as possible. If you are considering stopping your direct debit, please contact us at the club or

We will continue to communicate regularly with you on our website and social media platforms. We would love to see photos and comments about what people are up to at home. Our coaches will be available to offer advice and will do everything they can to maintain the excellent relationships they have built up with members and their families.

On behalf of everyone, I would like to thank you all for your amazing support for our club, which means so much to so many. Over the past 18 months we have seen Bolton TC grow from strength to strength, with our committee, parents and coaches working hard to create a fantastic facility which is enjoyed by over 400 members. We will endeavour to ensure our club survives this period of uncertainly and we look forward to welcoming you back as soon as is possible.If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me

With kind regards
Karen McCurdy

Chair of Bolton Trampoline Club.

February NDP 

A massive well done to everyone who competed this weekend as always you never cease to amaze us πŸ€©πŸ€© also massive thank you to all our coaches and officials who gave up their weekend, we couldn't enter with out you.

0-1.3 tariff


Isabelle c 3rd
Maya 4th

Jess b 2nd
Yasmine 6th
Darcie 10th

Holly 2nd
Lexi 3rd
Natasha 10th
Megason 11th

1.4 -2 tariff

Emma p 2nd

Beth h 1st

Elliott 1st Q

**ndp 1**

Belle 1 Q
Lana 2 Q
Millie 3rd Q

Aisha 3rd Q
Sammie 4 Q
Emily p 10 Q

Charlotte r 7 Q
Annabelle 9 Q
Eva 13 Q
Scarlett 14

Ollie 3rd

Annalisa 7 Q
Cadie 8 Q
Dion 11 Q
Ruth 15 Q

**ndp 2**

Patrick 2 Q
Benjamin 3

Ruby 1 Q
Ellie 3 Q
Nadia 5 Q
Amelia 8 Q

Lucy j 2 Q
Jess 3 Q
Grace 4 Q
Lucy B 8 Q
Chloe k 9 Q
Amelia o 10 Q

**ndp 3 **

Isobelle d 2nd Q

Lucas 1st Q

Emmie 3rd Q

Millie 4 Q

**ndp 4**

Matilda 2nd Q
Lily 4

Lauren 4 Q
Freya 5th Q
Amelia 6th Q

Cameron 1st Q

**ndp 5**

Jack M 2nd Q
Zeke 3rd Q

Lottie m 6


Isabel m 1st Q
Lucia 6 Q

Nathaniel 2 Q

ABI 1st Q
Katie m 4 Q
Emily a 5th Q

**ndp 6**

Will 1st Q

Rosa 2nd Q
Katie W 3rd Q

Sam 3rd Q

A massive well done to everyone who competed today!!!

DMT L1 Men 9-10
Zeke H 1st-Q

DMT L1 Men 11-12
Elliott P 2nd-Q

DMT L1 Women 11-12
Nadia 2nd-Q
Maddie M-1st-Q

DMT L1 Women 13+
Lucy B-6th-Q
Grace P-5th-Q

DMT L2 13-14

DMT L2 9-10

DMT L2 womens 13+
Katie M- 1st-Q

DMT L4 Women 13+

DMT L4 Men 13+
Will B-1st-Q

New coaches !!

We would like to wish a warm welcome to our 2 new coaches!!

Kristen has recently transferred from Aerodynamic trampoline club having finished university and has competed for many years on a national level. She is a qualified trampoline and gymnastics coach.

Alex started his trampoline career with us many years ago and we are very excited to have him back with us coaching. Since leaving he has gone on to compete nationally and internationally and continues to train with Liverpool, he also qualified as a coach. 

We are really excited to have them both on board and look forward to the future. πŸ€©

January 2020 NDP 

Full results will follow by email but see below for placings if it has Q you have qualified through to March. Please note DIS level 1 and 7-8 groups end in March as they will not do National competitions yet. Tariff groups are always stand alone competitions. Also just to say a massive well done again, you have all been incredible especially DMT which we only started doing in October !!

**DMT** -

Level 1

9-10 Oliver M 1st Q
9-10 Abbie S 1st Q
9-10 Emily P 3rd Q
11-12 Nadia 3rd Q
11-12 Scarlett 5th Q
11-12 Annabelle 6th Q
11-12 Ellie 7th
11-12 Elliott 2nd
13+ Lottie O 1s Q
13+ Lucy B 2nd Q
13 + Grace 3rd Q
13 + Eliana 4th

Level 2

9-10 Mailtda 2nd Q
9-10 Lily W 3rd
9-10 Lottie M 4th
11-12 Emmie 2nd Q
11-12 Maddie 4th
11-12 Lauren 5th
13+ Nathaniel 1st Q
13+ Michael 2nd Q
13+ Amy L 1st Q
13+ Katie M 2nd Q
13+ Lillia 3rd Q
13+ Makenzie 6th

Level 3

13+ Sam 1st Q
13+ Izzy M 2nd Q
13+ Lucia 4th

Level 4

Kristen 1st Q
Katie W2nd Q
Abi 3rd
Will 1st


Tariff 0-1.3

u8 Maya 5th

u10 Lily G 11th
u10 Yasmine 12th
u10 Jessica 15th

u12 Natasha 3rd
u12 Megason 6th

13+ Annalise 1st
13+ Kate 2nd

Tariff 1.4 + Emma P 1st

DIS1 Leighton 1st Q
DIS2 Harley 1st Q
DIS3 Elliott 2nd Q

Level 1

7-8 Millie R 1st Q
7-8 Belle 2nd
9-10 Aisha 2nd Q
9-10 Carla 3rd Q
9-10 Emil P 12th
11-12 Ollie 5th
11-12 Ruby 2nd Q
11-12 Nadia 5th Q
11-12 Ellie 7th Q
11-12 Bella - Grace 9th Q
11-12 Charlotte R 12th Q
11-12 Annabelle 13th Q
11-12 Scarlett 16th
11-12 Lily P 18th
13-17 Isabel R 3rd Q
13-17 Ruth 4th Q
13-17 Penny 11th Q
13-17 Amelia G 14th Q
13-17 Dion 15th Q
13-17 Cadie 24th

Level 2

9-10 Oliver M 2nd
9-10 Abbie 6th
11-12 Benjamin 4th
11-12 Amelia P 5th Q
13-17 Grace 2nd Q
13-17 Lucy B 6th Q
13-17 Amelia O 7th Q

Level 3

9-10 Isobelle D 5th
11-12 Lucas 1st Q
11-12 Emmie 5th Q
13-17 Millie F 5th Q
13-17 Lottie O 6th Q
13-17 Lizzie 8th Q

Level 4

9-10 Lily W 3rd Q
9-10 Matilda 4th Q
11-12 Lauren 4th Q
11-12 Freya 6th Q
13-17 Michael 2nd Q
13-17 Cameron 5th Q
13-17 Makenzie 5th Q
13-17 Lillia 8th Q

Level 5

9-10 Lottie M 3rd Q
9-10 Jack M 2nd Q
9-10 Zeke 3rd Q
13-14 Will 1st Q
13-14 Izzy M 2nd Q
13-14 Isabella E 4th Q
13-14 Lucia 8th Q
15-21 Nathaniel 1st Q
15-21 Max 2nd Q
15-21 Amy 4th Q
15-21 Katie M 5th

Level 6

11-12 Maddie M 4th Q
13-14 Katie W 3rd Q
13-14 Rosa 5th Q
15-21 Sam 6th

December 2019 NDP

See below today's results those with a Q have qualified to March RTF qualifier subject to completing range and conditioning in February. U8s and tariff groups are stand alone competitions and do not qualify on.

U8s ndp 1
Millie 1
Belle 2
Lana 3

9-10 ndp 1
Aisha 7 Q
Sammie 10 Q
Abbie s 11 Q

9-10 ndp 2
Isobelle d 2 Q

13-17 ndp 2
Eliana 2 Q
Jess a 3 Q
Grace 4 Q
Lucy b 5 Q
Lucy j 8
Chloe 9

9-10 ndp 3
Matilda 2 Q

11-12 ndp3
Emmie 3 Q

13-17 ndp3
Makenzie 8 Q
Bella s 9 Q
Lizzie 13 Q
Lottie o 15 Q

9-10 ndp 4
Lottie m 1 Q
Lily w 4 Q

11-12 ndp 4
Lauren 3 Q

13-17 ndp 4
Amy 4 Q
Lilia 6 Q

13-17 ndp
Max 3 Q
Cameron 4

9-10 ndp 5
Jack 1 Q

13-14 ndp 5
Izzy m 2 Q
Izzy e 3 Q

15-21 ndp 5
Abi m 1 Q
Katie m 7 Q

15-21 ndp 5
Nathaniel 1 Q

11-12 ndp 6
Maddie m 2

15-21 ndp 6
Emily a 3 Q

Tariff -

U8 0-1.3
Maya 5
Yasmine 6
Isabelle c 7

U10 0-1.3
Evie 10
Lily g 12
Kyra 13

U13 0-1.3
Holly 5
Megason 6

13+ 0-1.3
Kate 1

13 + 1.4 - 2
Beth 2

Bolton TC Awards Night 

A massive well done to all those who were nominated for the first Bolton TC awards night winners as follows 

Highest Voluntary Routine 

3rd Chloe Lang

2nd Alex Openshaw 

1st  Ben Molyneaux 

Highest Set Routine 

3rd Alex Openshaw 

2nd Chloe Lang/Sam Woodman 

1st Abi Mawhood 

Coaches bouncer of the year squad

3rd Amy Laws

2nd Will Barnes 

1st Maddie Merrick 

Coaches bouncer of the year rec

3rd Indianna Julien 

2nd Grace Hadcoft 

1st Orla Brenchley Martin 

Bouncers Bouncer of the year 

3rd Eliana Leader ,Aisha Sidiq, Belle Deighton

2nd Katie Wood 

1st Anna Brown 

Most Improved Squad 

3rd Jack Maloney/Zeke Hurst 

2nd Lottie Monk

1st Katie Wood 

Most Improved rec

3rd  Florence Latham

2nd Lucie Farrington

1st John Farrell 

Most Determined squad member

3rd Anna Brown 

2nd Lottie Owen

1st Rosa Murphy 

Most Determined Rec member 

3rd Jessica Toon

2nd Leighton Jones

1st Rebekah Trengrove 

10 HD club 

Michael Rogers 

Aisha Sidiq

Chris Mawhood

Beth Horne 

Lucy Barnes 

Best Supporters 

Rachael Johnson 

Lucas Zarei 

Amelia Greenhalgh

Sam Woodman

Emily Allington 

Eva Brown 

Lucy Barnes 

Best Spotters 

Nathalie Williams 

Jason Tomlinson 

Kate Crosby 

Best Smilers 

Filip Poplowski

Isabella Ruiz-Molina

Olivia Kirkman 

Long Service 

Coach - Emma Spurling

Squad - Alex Openshaw 

Rec - Victoria Jackson 

Bury Tariff 2019

Well done done to everyone who competed at Bury 2019 tariff comp and thank you to all pur volunteets - results as follows

Elliott 1st

Leighton 1st

Michael 2nd
Lily 7th
Emmie 10th

Yasmine 6th
Jessica 7th
Evie 8th

Lana 1st
Belle 5th
Millie 6th

Carla 4th
Aisha 6th
Amelia 11th

Kate 2nd
Harley 5th

League Finals 2019

Congratulations to all those who qualified for League Finals November 2019 results as follows :

Alex O 1st 

Chloe L  20th

Abi M 6th 

Zeke H 7th 

Jack M 4th 

Elliot P 2nd

Nathaniel L 6th 

Maddie M 11th 

Rachael 18th 


We will be having a bag pack at ASDA in Farnworth on Sunday 28th July 2019 we would appreciate help from anyone who is available speak to a coach for more details. 

June 2019

Well done to all those who competed at the national league competition

Abi 2nd

Izzy 37th

Chloe 8th 

Rachael 20th 

Alex 3rd

Also a massive well done to Chloe and Ben who have qualified for English Championship finals in September and to Abi, Michael , Will and Chloe who have qualfied for NDP individual finals in July !!! 

March 2019

Well done to all our competitors on Sunday, see below those who have been selected to represent the northwest team in June at the Arena in Birmingham. We are so proud of all of them.

Abi M 
Katie M 
Lottie O 
Sam W 
Will B 
Chloe L 
Elliott P 
Lucas Z 
Michael R 
Cameron G
Zeke H 
Nathaniel L

The following are reserves should anyone be unable to fulfill their place.

Lucy J 
Eliana L
Emily A 
Isabel M 
Isabella E
Amy L 
Max G

** Lottie M did get qualifying mark and finished 1st but as she is only 7 her group doesn't go through to the next round as they can only compete at a national competition when they are 8.

NDP March 2019

Well done to all who competed today such amazing talent. Even those who have not medaled have got fantastic results so proud of everyone. Some results are below but the official results will be emailed in the next couple of days. The top 2 with qualifying score will be invited to regional team finals. Also a big thank you to emma for organising and Justine, Nathaniel, Rachael, Abi and Ben for all their help today and our officials who we couldn't compete wihout πŸ‘

11-12 level 5 girls 
Maddie m 5th

13+ level 3 boys
Michael 1st 
Cameron 2nd

13+ level 1 girls 
Lottie o 2nd
Lucy j 3rd
Eliana 4th
Millie 5th 
Lizzie 6th 
Lucy b 12th

13+ level 5 boys 
Will 2nd

Level 1 8-9 boys 
Jack 6th

Level 5 13-14 girls 
Isabel m 3rd 
Rosa 9th

Level 1 11-12 girls 
Amelia 8th

15+ level 5 girls 
Sam 2nd 
Emily 3rd 
Amy 4th

17+ level 6 girls 
Chloe 1st

8-9 level 2 boys 
Zeke 1st

Level 2 11-12 girls 
Katie 9th

Level 1 11-12 boys 

Lucas 2nd

Level 4 13+ girls 
Abi 1st
Katie 2nd 
Maddie g 8th

Level 4 13+ boys 
Max 4th

Level 1 7-8 girls 
Lottie m 1st

Disability level 2 
Elliott 1st

Level 4 13+ girls 
Anna tbc
Lillia 5th

Level 4 11-12 girls 
Isabella e 3rd

Level 4 13+ boys 
Nathaniel 1st

NDP February 2019

Well done to everyone who competed today another great effort by bolton TC πŸ˜

Lana 2nd
Yasmin 7th
Belle 12th
Aisha 2nd 
Maddie m 4th
Lottie m 1st 
Megason 11th
Sammie 16th 
Beth 1st
Alice 3rd
Grace 8th
Charlotte r 4th
Scarlet 9th
Chloe k 4th
Elliott 1st
Maddie g 4th
Katie m 9th
Orla 7th
Katie w 1st
Amelie 6th 
Michael 1st 
Cameron 2nd
Cole 4th 
Jack 1st 
Zeke 1st 
Lucy b 5th 
Lucy j 2nd 
Lizzie 3rd
Lucas 2nd 
Lottie o 7th 
Millie 9th
Keira 12th
Isabel m 5th
Will 1st 
Isabel d (tbh)

NDP January 2019


A massive well done to all who competed today everybody achieved something!! It was so nice to see so many new and excited faces. The club has grown so much in the last few months and it's so nice to see everyone working together and enjoying themselves it really makes everything we are doing worthwhile. Official scores to come but have a few below. See you all in the week πŸ˜πŸŽ‰πŸ…


Grace p 1st 

Beth h 2nd 

Amelia g 3rd

Abi m 3rd

Emily a 4th

Amy l 5th

Sam w 6th 

Evie Lyn 34th

Gabriella 32nd

Megason 31st

Isabelle d 28th

Sammie m 25th

Belle 13th

Alice 11th

Scarlet 9th

Lana 4th

Charlotte r 3rd

Aisha 1st

Yasmin 27th 

Orla m 8th

Jess a 12th

Elliott 1st

Eliana 2nd 

Nathaniel 1st 

Lottie m 4th 

Aoife 4th

Amelia o 6th

Keira H 12th

Lizzie a 10th 

Lucy b 11th

Penny 13th

Lottie o 4th 

Millie f 6th

Lucy j 7th 

Chloe k 1st

Chris 2nd

Michael 2nd

Cameron 3rd

Amelie 3rd

Katie w 5th

Will 2nd 

Maddie m 3rd

Rosa 4th 

Isabel m 5th

Chloe l 1st 

Max tbc

Anna tbc

Lilia tbc

Macy tbc

Katie m 2nd

Maddie g 1st

Isabella e 2nd

Jack 2nd 

Lucas 4th


Christmas Closing and Party


This year we will be finishing on Thursday 20th December 2018 and return on Friday 4th January 2019. We will be having a club Christmas party on Friday 21st December 6.30pm-8.30pm - further details to follow.




NDP Competition 1st December 2018


Massive well done to everyone who competed today you all did brill especially well done to


Isabella 3rd

Elliott 1st

Chris 3rd

Lottie 3rd

Zeke 2nd

Max 3rd

Aisha 1st

Eliana 2nd

Penny 1st

Keira 2nd

Will 2nd

Nathaniel 1st

ABI 1st

Amy 3rd

Michael 1st

Cameron 2nd

Lucy 4th

Emily 4th


Also a massive thank you to Ben, Sue, Gill, Rachel L and Emma for officiating all day.



Bolton TC Comp 18 November 2018


Well done to all those who competed at our first club competition at our new premises. Some beautiful routines and a great day for all involved. Look out for our next competition which has been pencilled in for 12th May 2019!!

Pre-school sessions now available!

Email to book

Now taking bookings for children's birthday parties

Β£135 for 18 children. Includes use of function room for food

Book using the online shop

November 2018

A massive well done to this weekend's league finalists they have all put in a tremendous amount of effort and done amazingly even to qualify in the top 20 in their groups ( in the country! )

Abi didn't quite manage to get through to top 8 but still did beautiful routines and we are very proud.

Ben came 4th at his age group and 9th in superleague (this group is 14 year olds upwards)

Chloe came 5th

Alex came 4th

Very proud coaches not only for their achievements but their attitudes and how well they represent the club. Onwards and upwards 😁

Also as always thanks to our officials Emma s and Rachael without you volunteering for some very long days we couldn't enter.

We've settled in to our new home!!

You can now find us at Egerton Works, Egerton Street, Moses Gate, Bolton, BL4 7LX. This is just off the A666 (St Peter’s Way) at the Farnworth/Little Lever junction. This location is easily accessible by car, train or bus and there is lots of secure on site parking at the side of the building.

We have converted a large warehouse, offices and a former dance studio which provides us with lots of opportunities and we have big plans for expansion in the future. Initially we have an impress facility with 6 trampolines, a warm up and conditioning floor, an area for spectators, toilet and small kitchen. We have increased our classes which means we have more spaces! In the very near future, we are also intending to provide gym fit classes, disability sessions and GCSE/A level sport specific preparation classes. We are also planning to accommodate a resident physiotherapist who will be available for private consultations and treatments.

If you are interested in joining a session please email with your requests and we will do our best to accommodate them.

Now a request for help! We will need to make some changes to the building, for example increasing the number of toilets, cleaning, painting, boxing in piping (just some of the items on the list!) We don’t need all of this right away but if we can get as much done as possible it would be great. If any of you are available to help in any way, please email Karen: or speak to your coach.

We will also be looking for sponsorship, including advertising inside the venue, so if you know of a company that might be interested, please get in touch.

The committee would like to thank you for your patience and continued support, particularly with the recent fundraising events; some of the profits have already helped in a huge way!

We will continue to keep you updated in the coming months, but if you have any questions, please speak to a coach or email Karen:

Bolton Sports Awards

We are happy to announce the following nominations for Bolton Sports Awards

Bolton TC nominated club of the year

Kirsty- nominated coach of the year

Emma P nominated sports achiever of the year.

The awards are on Friday 14th September 2018 6pm. Premier Suite, Macron Stadium.

Tickets Β£28 (Β£17 children under 12) for 3 course dinner + entertainment.

If you wish to attend please contact Lynda - asap but before the end of July.

From 16th -22nd July 2018 wear your PJ's to training and pay a Β£1.

ASDA Green Tockens

Just a reminder that we are collecting green tokens at asda middlebrook. Winning cause gets Β£500 Thanks

Fundraiser June 2018

Thank you for everyones support at the fundraiser we had lots of fun and raised lots of money for moving.

Regional Team Finals June 2018

A massive well done to Max, Rosa, Sophie, Abi and Isabel on representing the Northwest at Regional Team Finals, you all did fantastic!! An extra well done to Isabel for coming third and qualifying through to individual finals next month.

Jump UK Competition June 2018

A massive well done to all those who competed, you have done yourselves proud 😊 an extra well done to Eliana 1st, Chloe K 2nd and Penny 3rd πŸ€—πŸ…πŸ†

Easy Fundraising

We are on easy fundraising, if anyone wants to support us, you can buy things you would usually buy through easy fundraising and the club will benefit at no extra cost to you.

Bolton Mark Award

We are pleased to announce that we are now a Bolton Mark club 

English Championships May 2018

Well done to everyone who competed today at English championships some excellent bouncing. Especially well done to Amy and Sam who got a bronze medal for synchro.

Fundraising Evening

We are planning a fundraising evening on Sunday 24th June 2018 at Bolton Cricket Club Bishops Rd, Bolton BL3 2JB. It is a night at the races with videos being shown and your chance to bet on your favorite horse. Along side we are going to be doing a raffle, chocolate tombola, guess the baby picture, glitter bar and other exciting things. A pasty and peas supper is included. Doors open at 6pm and first race is at 7pm. Make sure you get there early to throw wet sponges at your favorite coach!! Tickets are Β£5 for adults and Β£2.50 for children. Tickets can be purchased through our brand new club shop on the website. You will get a confirmation email, just bring this on the night.

If you cant come on the evening but would still like to help there is now a donation option on the website. We are also on the hunt for tombola and raffle prizes if you can assist.

We would also like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all our members for the support they have given over the last few weeks. 😁

Spring Series Telford April 2018

Well done to Ben who competed at the British Gymnastics Spring Series event and came second in a very tough group. πŸ˜πŸŽ–

League Series 1 Eastleigh April 2018

Another successful competition for team Bolton, well done to all and a  massive well done to Ben on his silver medal πŸŽ–

NDP March 2018

A massive congratulations to all BTC members who competed at the regional finals yesterday. You were all a credit to the club and although some routines didn't go quite as planned we coaches are very proud of you all.

Special mention to-

Bronze medal winners - Keira, Oliver and Emma.

Silver medal winners - Rosa and Abi

Gold medal winners - Max Isabel, and Sophie.

Congratulations to Rosa, Abi, Max, Isabel and Sophie who have been chosen to represent the north west in the regional team finals in Birmingham in June.

Of course no entry is complete without the excellent support of officials - Emma S, Sue Mawhood, Helen Martin, Anital Woodman and Emma Pike.

Also coaches - Lynda, Karen, Rachael, and Abi.

It was a very long day and your support is very much appreciated. Well done everyone.


Dear Members, Parents and Carers

After six highly successful years based at St Catherine’s Academy, the school have now informed us that they are no longer able to accommodate our training sessions and have served us with notice to leave by the 31st August 2018. This has been the subject of our past few committee meetings as we have been working hard to find an alternative venue. We are looking at a range of sports halls in Bolton and the surrounding area, but it it is proving very difficult to find a venue that can offer us their facilities seven days a week and accommodate our extensive amount of equipment.


Our ideal scenario would be a purpose built centre of excellence where we could have our equipment permanently set up and be able to offer additional sessions to the ones currently available alongside activities such as summer holiday camps. This has lead us to investigate buying or renting warehouses, industrial units or alternative buildings, however it is difficult to find a suitable facility which meets British Gymnastics recommendation of 8 metres high.

This year, the club is looking forward to celebrating being established for 30 years and it would be great to be able to open our centre of excellence to commemorate this event. However, if a suitable purpose built facility does not come to fruition just yet, we will continue to provide sessions for all our members and will be entering competitions as usual.

We now need to get all of you involved in our plans. We intend to start fundraising and publishing our plight within the local press and through social media. We are applying for grants from organisations such as Sport England and British Gymnastics. To try to establish our own centre of excellence we would be very grateful if any of you would be able to help with professional skills – surveyors, builders, plumbers, electricians etc. If you know of any buildings or warehouses available to rent or buy please inform a coach or member of the committee. The committee are currently taking note of all the high buildings as they drive around Bolton!!


Please do not panic, we are a successful well established club with committed coaches and members alongside a strong committee of volunteers. We will continue to provide our high quality coaching and will keep you informed of our progress and any decisions that are made.


We are very grateful for your continued support and are very excited to be looking to move the club forwards in the next stage of our adventure.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to speak to a coach or email Karen, our Chair,

Kind regards

Bolton Trampoline Club Committee

New Judge

Congratulations to Helen  (Katie's Mum) who has passed the NW judging qualification.

If any one else in interested in becoming a judge (aged 14 and over) please contact

NDP - February 2018

Massive well done to everyone who competed today another great day. Even those who didn't get the result they wanted can take postives away.

Eva 5th

Maillie 6th

Amelie 7th

Kiera 4th

Cameron 4th

Taylor 1st

Lucia 1st

Oliver 2nd

Eliana 3rd

Nathaniel 1st

Max 2nd

Emma 3rd

Rosa 1st

Also a thank you to all parents, coaches and other volunteers who helped at the competition.

NDP - January 2018

An absolute massive congratulations to everyone who competed today you all did brill. It isn't possible to win medals at every comp the important thing is to learn and to take the achievements from actually competing new routines.

There were some medals though so extra well done to

Michael 1st

Jess 1st

Taylor 1st

Nathaniel 1st

Oliver 3rd

Eva 2nd

Abi 3rd

Sophie 1st

Rosa 3rd

Isabel M 1st

Amelie 1st

Range and Conditioning 2018

Well done to all bouncers at range and conditioning in Salford today. 100% pass rate. Big thanks to Abi and Sue. I would have struggled without their help.

National League Finals 2017

Congratulations to Chloe, Ben, Emma, Becky and Abi who have all competed at the National League Finals, which was held at the Velodrome in Olympic park. On the 2nd and 3rd of December these five bouncers represented the club and competed in their age groups. Well done to everone who competed and thank you to coaches and voluntered whithout you none of our competitions would be possible. 

Bolton Trampoline Club is a registered company  (10747412) and is a registered Community Amuteur Sports Club (CASC CH11414) We are also Bolton Mark and Gym Mark accredited.